Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Let go and let God"

"Let go and let God." How many times have you heard this? I have heard this a thousand times, and I have probably said it just as many times.  At times this seems like the obvious answer. Other times it seems ridiculous, because surly we can fix whatever it is we are facing. I have heard this before and thought "Really? That's your advice?"
Standing on the outside looking in, it is the best advice. But I am beginning to believe there is a better way of communicating this with people. You have to leave your problems, heartaches, fears, worries, and frustrations at the Lord's feet and allow Him to take them. You cannot ask for them back if you want peace. But how often do we actually do that? I can say that for me, taking it to God isn't the difficult part. Its the leaving it there that seems to be hard for me.
Apparently I think that I have a better idea that He does with how to handle something or fix it. So, I walk back to Him, kindly smile and take back my issue. How stupid! Clearly I am not equipped to handle it on my own, clearly. He would not tell me to bring it to Him if He knew I had the sufficient knowledge and wisdom to go at it alone. No. He has asked me to trust Him.
Do I trust Him? Do I truly, with all of my being, trust God with my entire life? With my family? My kids? My husband? Everything?
Not always. My trust in Him seems to be a wave. Of course I trust Him for my salvation. That He loves me unconditionally. That He is the Almighty. The Messiah. But the smaller stuff...our finances, a job, my kids, my family, my relationships...I got that stuff covered.
He has it covered. With His blood He has covered it all! I have zero prerequisites proving that I am capable at any level for dealing with or fixing any issues in my life. Or anyone else's life for that matter. I am simply here for His glory. That is all. I am not a "fixer." I am not all knowing. I have no idea what I am doing more than half of the time in my life. But He knows. His plan will unfold if I will just get out of the way.
Psalm 37:5 "Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act." There it is. He will act. Just as He has before. When He was the only obvious answer. When my certainty in Him could not be shaken.
Lord, take me back there. Take me to the place where I am completely doused in You. Where You are all that matters. You are all I see. In everything that is happening, that I am going through, that I don't understand, make it plain to my heart that You are the only thing that needs to matter or make sense. Give me peace and comfort, wrap Your arms around me so that I am feeling only love and assurance. Keep me focused on You and Your will. Urge me to follow You and Your word. Thank you for always being present. Thank you for the peace you promise. Thank you for your faithfulness to me even when I am not faithful to you. Lord, please take all the stuff. All the things I cant fix. All the things that are uncertain. Help me to leave them with You and to just watch as You work. Use me in whatever way you see fit. Lord, I am nothing without You. So, consume me. Let Yourself be seen in me and nothing else. Amen.
Psalm 143:10 "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!"

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